State of emergency in nothern Nigeria

It is clear that president Goodluck Jonathan left no stone unturned to establish dialogue with the dreaded boko haram sect, and make sure all their grieviances are addressed in a diplomatic manner, the federal government even went ahead to offer amnesty to the dreaded sect in other to replicate the success of the amnesty given to militants from the southern part of nigeria, but the dreaded sect from the north also left no stone unturned in frustrating the diplomatic efforts of the Nigerian government, while still perpetrating mayhem in most part of nothern part of Nigeria.
When the President GEJ found out that the dreaded sect have even gone ahead to attempt to establish an independent Islamic state in the country practicing sharia law, the federal government felt enough is enough, time to crush these militants with our military power. This measure taken by the government seemed inevitable considering the manner to which boko haram sect have gone about their dastardly acts.
But one has to argue, how effective will this military measure be? can the military conduct themselves so as to obey the rules of engagement? What of the lasting effect on the country and the scars such heavy military measures will leave?
In the effort of boko haram to establish an Islamist state and the effort of the Nigerian president to maintain law an order, Nigeria has been plunged into another war in the African region, adding to fighting in various African countries e.g. Libya, Mali, Somalia, Egypt, Syria. One has to wonder will it ever end.


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