When tears mean nothing to a leader



Syrians president Bashir Al Assad has epitomised brutality in his reign as president, perpetrating with impunity several fatalities around the country he took oath of office to protect, bringing him at par with dictators of the past which historians wish was fiction when they study and write about them e.g. Adolfus Hitler, Idi Amin, Mohammed Gaddafi most recently.  Indeed we will struggle to convince our great grand children that Bashir Al Assad and all his predecessors perpetrated all these fatalities for a just course which they claim to be fighting.
But what really goes on in the mind of a leader when he puts the blood of the people he swore to protect as price for his throne, and sees nothing wrong with it? How does a leader like that sleep at night? Maybe when they start, they don’t envision that its going to get so bloody, and then later they feel they are too far in to go back. It is hard to think a leader will envision the pain and suffering of 60,000 of his citizens and go ahead with his plans.




When you look at all these pictures you will stuggle to believe this was done by their own leader. How do you reason with a man without conscience


What does one do when a civil war escalates to the class of world war. The war in syria has brought lots of questions to be asked to the world at large that has not found answers for 2years into the crisis.
But one thing is certain there is no place in the world for people that commit genocide.


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