Nigeria, rich country poor country


Many a millionaire in the world today have made their money through the proceeds and lucrative nature of oil marketing, many cities around the world have been built with the proceeds of oil marketing, many countries have forged alliances, built healthy relationships and stabilized their countries through the proceeds of oil marketing. One then without any stretch of their imagination would expect Nigeria, one of the leading countries in the international trading and marketing of oil to boast of most of the so called “oil barons” or oil millionaires as citizens, one should without any stretch of their imaginations look at the figures that go in and out of the oil market daily and expect Nigeria to be as beautiful as the combination of the cities of New York and Paris.
But why then is this our beloved country, blessed with so many riches through the proceeds of oil and other natural resources so poor, so poor in the sense that more than 70percent of the population live under a dollar a day, why then are our infrastructure worse than what American infrastructure was in 18th century, why then do people go to bed hungry, youths are idle, mothers are weary and fathers weep for the thought of their children going through what they have been through for the past decade or 2.
Is there hope for a nation plunged deep into corruption that one has to be scared of being honest. We can fight all kinds of wars and uprisings against the government but in truth the real enemy is corruption, why have people become so greedy that they don’t only steal money to cater for themselves and their family , they steal for their unborn children 20 generations to come.
Nigerians should rise up, take up their weapons of education and information of the masses and fight corruption.


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